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Have You Considered LED? Sometimes It’s a Better Option Than Neon.

Posted by on 11/2/2015

Nowadays owning a restaurant is more or less a constant bout with your competitors for attention. There is an incessant flow of information piling up on consumers in almost every media outlet imaginable. Smaller restaurant owners have to fight the Goliaths of the restaurant world today to catch their consumers’ eye. So, as a restaurant owner how are you going to get your company name as a frontrunner in the restaurant industry?

An LED restaurant sign is a great way to grab a consumer’s attention. Most often these nifty little signs have a tendency to draw the attention of customers because of their size. With this being the age of information overload, most people block out over-sized signs with flashy colors. Less is often times more in the case of an LED sign. These light emitting diode bulbs are energy-saving, tiny bulbs. These LED bulbs use a fraction of a neon light’s energy and last up to 25 times as long. They are often animated but not so tastelessly gaudy that it repulses your customers more so than draws them in. Another great thing is they are a very catchy commodity to place either inside or outside your place of business.

Most of these signs have a very clean, attractive look. Some even have animation features. There are several attractive color signs from Aarco that are LED operating. They come with four animation motions: steady, blinking, chasing and flashing. They are equipped with light-weight, narrow cabinets with an easy mount hanging kit included. These signs are so energy-efficient that they have 120,000+ lifespan or 12 years if they are in operation 24/7.

These signs are a nice way to gain prominence for your restaurant establishment. Find out more at J.E.S. Restaurant Equipment and start saving money!

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