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Maintain Your Fryer By Using Oil Purifiers and Filters

If motor oil is the lifeblood of your car, fryer oil is the lifeblood of your fryer. Fryers must have oil to operate and that’s why oil must be managed to increase the longevity of your fryer. Oil degradation often occurs from essentially three things: hydrolysis, oxidation, and polymerization. Hydrolysis is caused by moisture getting into your oil and the effect is the breakdown of your oil and poor coloring. Oxidation is the cause of air or oxygen accelerated by light, trace metals. This causes harmful compounds such as peroxides, volatile compounds/ toxins like aldhydes, ketones, alcholos, hydrocarbons, etc. Polymerization results in solid build-up, greasy food, bad tasting food, and foaming and smoking of the oil. Polymerization of your oil happens when other triglycerides and improper oil keeps from flowing evenly.

Another problem fryer oil has is TPM. Total Polar Materials are soluble contaminants in oil that cannot be removed by filter aids, paper or screens.  TPM are by-products of frying and degradation factors interacting with oil. This diminishes oil and food quality over time. Soaps, free fatty acids, and trace metals are commonly considered TPMs.

When owning a deep fryer, a customer wants to extend the life of the oil, maintain the food quality, and have the end user overall save money by maintaining the life of the oil.

The disco filter paper introduced by Continental manufacturing will help your oil’s longevity by filtering out harmful particles that contribute to such degradation. The disco filter paper comes in essentially three forms: Cellulose, Non-woven and Powder filled pads. The paper is for Manual or Automatic processes. This disco paper is made of 100% virgin fibers with no fillers, whiteners, or bleaching agents.

The cellulose filter paper comes with natural wood and cotton fibers. It has a crepe-like texture that increases the filtration surface area. It has various grades to fit the OEM specs-flow rate, strength, capacity.

The automatic filter paper has cellulose, non-woven and powder filled pads. This paper is used in automated filter equipment. It comes in various sizes, shapes, and grades depending on the need. The overall performance improves when used with powders.

Both a Filter Aid and Oil Purifier are used with the filter paper. Common powder forms on the filter aids. The filter aids can remove solid particles but do not remove soluble contaminants that can seep through such particles. The Filter Brite is a trademarked powder oil purifier. This purifier removes solid particles and also more microscopic particles. They also remove TPMs that are soluble in oil. The filter paper can’t remove such particles. The advantages of such oil purifiers are the portion control, less of a mess, lower training and labor cost, and it comes in multiple sizes and shapes.

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