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Make Oil Last Longer Inside Your Deep-Fryer


The holiday season is swiftly approaching and chances are most of us will be frying turkey, chicken, ham, etc. Most use deep-fryers in order to fry a certain quantity of food in one instance. Deep-frying is very time-saving for a large group of people, and its cooking methods often retain a certain amount of flavor and juices in foods products.

An issue most cooks run into with their deep-fryer is keeping up with the oil usage. They will find themselves adding more and more oil into their deep-fryer each time they use it. This reuse can culminate into a very costly expense for those who plan on deep-frying several times back to back. Luckily there are steps to take in order to increase your fryer’s longevity and to minimize oil usage.


1.Cleaning the fryer and scraping off all food particles from the the basket will help reduce the chances of particle build-up in cooking oil. Try to do this every time after use in order to avoid tainting the oil.

2.Use a filtration system to strain the oil. Make sure you sift out the oil from any other debris that might have collected prior to filtering it. This helps prevent oil from causing excess sediment and food particles that ruin the oil’s usage. Its ideal to use a filtration brush, like the Sparta urn brush , to manually remove any excess particles out of the filtering drain. Another ideal product to use in the cleaning of food particles is a cleaning rod, like Pitco’s clean out rod for fryer drain lines.

3.Using fry powder helps prevent absorption into your food products. Never cook your oil hotter than what is recommended by the fryer’s manufacturer. If you exceed those temperatures, you will be putting your oil at risk by burning and reducing its longevity. If your oil turns brown or cloudy then this means you have probably used it too many times over and it must all be changed out. The smaller fryers require an external filtration system like the Miroli oil filter machine with hand operated hot oil pump.

4.Every time you fry in oil you are lowering its smoke point. A smoke point is that at which the molecules break down and cause a severe amount of smoke. This can be avoided by cooking with safflower oil, which has a higher smoke point than most other oils.

5.To freshen the oil, dump out some of it at the end of every use and replace it with fresh oil. This is another way of lessening food particles and increasing its lifespan. Always make sure the oil is completely cool before draining it or cleaning the fryer.Following these steps will increase your oil’s lifespan and buying a quality fryer will also help ensure the oil’s abundance. The Pitco Model 35C+S gas commercial fryer is a great priced fryer. Its welded tank with an extra smooth peened finish helps ensure easy cleaning. Long-lasting alloy stainless steel heat baffles are mounted in the heat exchanger tubes to provide maximum heating and combustion efficiency.Now Ya Cookin’!

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