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Manufacturer Spotlight: Valpro

Posted by Rachel Schwartz on 9/6/2019

As we learn more about the environment and as technology evolves to be better and better, consumers and manufacturers alike are looking to bridge the gap between the comforts of modern society and environmental awareness. Valpro, one such manufacturer based in Florida, USA, seeks to do this by providing its customers with products that are not only quality-made, but also energy-efficient and UL Green certified. Even if you are a consumer who doesn't care about the environmental impact of using a refrigerator or freezer, chances are you do care about your wallet. Using kitchen equipment that is energy-efficient is not only greener, it also saves you money since the equipment takes less energy and water (if applicable) to run effectively. 

Valpro is focused on providing their customers with more than energy-efficiency however. Each product also comes with several state-of-the-art features. For example, Valpro's undercounter refrigerators and freezers each include digital thermostats with LED displays, self-closing doors, and adjustable epoxy-coated wire shelves designed to accommodate all your storage needs. The worktop surface on each unit also provides a built-in prep space, making assembling a sandwich or adding a scoop of ice cream to a dish easy and effortless.

The refrigerated merchandisers come with even more LED features including LED interior lighting and an LED back-lit top front panel as well as the LED display. Double paned glass doors allow customers to easily see what is available and on display inside the merchandiser without having to open the door. Valpro's beer dispensers, in addition to being energy efficient, also come with an electronic thermostat, a digital LED temperature display, and a self-closing door. 

Whatever your kitchen needs are, Valpro offers an option that benefits both you as the customer and the environment. Because that's the Valpro way.    

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