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More Than You Wanted To Know About Restaurant Sinks

Posted by on 3/7/2015

One of the most important pieces of equipment in a restaurant is the sink. Commercial sinks come in all shapes and sizes for different purposes, be it food prep, ware washing, and of course, washing your hands. But the most common and useful sink in the industry is the 3 compartment sink. Many food service operations are required to have these sinks to rinse, wash and sanitize utensils, tableware and equipment in the event that their automatic ware washer malfunctions. We recognize the value of the compartment sink’s role in the kitchen so we’ve compiled a list of our top three 3 compartment sinks and reasons why we love them.

The Compartment Sink

This Economy 3 Compartment Sink from Cannonware makes a very functional addition to any restaurant kitchen. This unit can be utilized for rinsing fresh produce and filling pots for food prep or cleaning cookware during the busy shifts if the dishwasher is backed up. It also makes a great addition behind a bar, allowing the bartender to quickly and efficiently clean their glassware without having to leave their guests unattended. It even has 2 drain boards on each side which provides extra counter space for your work area.

The Corner Sink

Want a 3 compartment sink but just don’t have room? Consider this Square Corner Sink from Advance Tabco. With it’s surprisingly small size this unit can be just as efficient as a full sized 3 compartment sink without taking up even more of your valuable kitchen space. It’s square design is welded to match against adjacent surfaces perfectly, so it fits comfortably in a corner between other tables and equipment.

The Drop-In Sink

Not only is a drop in sink a cheaper route versus buying a full sized compartment sink, it’s also easy to install. Utilize some of that extra counter space with this Yukon Institutional 3 Compartment Drop-In Sink from Polar Ware, one of the leading manufacturers in the industry famous for it’s durable and high performance products. It’s super heavy weight 20 gauge stainless steel will stand up to even the most demanding food service establishments.

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