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Oreo Cheesecake

Posted by Rachel Schwartz on 8/13/2019

Cheesecake is great, but for many, it tends to be a dessert they only get while dining out or at an event. This can be because making cheesecake at home can be work between not spilling the water bath and hoping that it doesn't come out of the oven cracked. This recipe for Oreo cheesecake is great because not only does it still taste like cheesecake (and Oreos) but it's also a no bake recipe meaning there's no need to worry about water or cracking. 

  • 36 Oreos, divided
  • 2 pre-made Oreo pie crusts
  • 3 (8oz) packages cream cheese, softened
  • 1 (14oz) can sweetened, condensed milk
  • 16oz cool whip, divided
  • Optional-- mini Oreos for garnish
  1. Start by crushing 24 of the Oreos in a large Ziplock bag, making sure to keep them a little chunky. Set aside. 
  2. Place the cream cheese and sweetened condensed milk together in a mixing bowl and beat for three minutes or until smooth and fluffy. Carefully fold in 12oz of the cool whip and the crushed Oreos. Then scoop the mix into the pre-made pie crusts. 
  3. Taking the same Ziplock bag from before, crush the remaining 12 Oreos until fine. Sprinkle this evenly over the tops of both cheesecakes. Using the remaining cool whip, feel free to add small dollops around the edges of each pie for decoration. Add the mini Oreos as an extra garnish if desired. 
  4. Refrigerate the cheesecakes for at least three hours or overnight before serving. 

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