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Outfitting a Commercial Kitchen

Posted by on 10/4/2018

What You Need To Get Started

The kitchen is the center of your business. You need high-quality, high-powered commercial kitchen equipment to withstand daily use and keep your staff organized and happy. Before you start purchasing equipment for your kitchen, it’s crucial to note which appliances are right for your restaurant.

Without proper planning, you can end up with quality equipment that doesn’t have a proper home, use, or function, causing an excessive financial burden on your business. To help you get your restaurant business up and running in the most efficient manner possible, we’ve outlined the top six commercial equipment that your restaurant should have.

Refrigerators + Freezers

Every commercial kitchen requires a refrigeration system of some kind. Commercial refrigerators and freezers are built differently than the kind you have in your kitchen at home. Industrial grade cooling units are designed to meet the requirements of the food industry, which are unique to any other establishment.

There are many styles, sizes, and varieties of coolers and freezers, so it’s important that you assess what your restaurant will need to keep cold.

Generally, there are two types of refrigeration units that restaurants use to operate: reach-in or walk-in units. If your restaurant needs to keep a plethora of ingredients cold for a long duration of the day, a walk-in unit may be the best choice. Walk-in units allow for more space, better organization, and easier access to ingredients. Smaller restaurants and establishments may not need the space that a walk-in provides, which would make reach-in refrigerators and freezers a more practical choice.

Ovens + Ranges

In most cases, your restaurant needs an oven and a range. Most, if not all, ranges are fitted with an oven, but some are built separately. Units that are assembled together can be one of the most efficient options for commercial kitchens, as space can often be a major factor in outfitting your space effectively.

Depending on your preference, your kitchen should be equipped with either a gas or electric.

Electric ranges are a newer advancement for commercial kitchens and offer a smooth, elegant, and easy to clean surface, while gas ranges make it easier for chefs to control the heat used for cooking.

Food Processors + Mixers

Depending on your business, there are four main types of food processors that you’ll need to have stocked in your kitchen.

  • Continuous Feed

    This type of food processor allows you to continuously add food to the appliance as it’s running. This is great for processing large amounts of food or creating large batches of food to make and store for use later.

  • Batch Bowl

    These are one of the most common forms of mixers found in small to medium-sized commercial kitchens. Batch Bowls generally hold around one to six quarts of food, but can also be found in many other sizes and outputs.

  • Buffalo Chopper

    This type of processor is for heavy chopping purposes. This heavy-duty chopper can mince anything from vegetables to tough meats.

  • Combination

    A combination processor combines the capabilities of both the batch and continuous feed mixer to create an ultra-powerful processor that many commercial kitchens are stocked with.


Often overlooked, sinks are a major component of your kitchen. Not only are they used for washing dishes, but they act as one of the main suppliers of running water for your kitchen. Ensuring that your restaurant is stocked with the right sized sink is crucial for a functioning kitchen

Shelving + Storage

Storage is hard to come by in commercial kitchens but is extremely important to consider. This often gets overlooked in the planning process, which can lead to a messy and unorganized kitchen. Ensuring that you have adequate storage, such as shelving or enclosed cupboards is crucial for smooth operations.


You may not consider a countertop as kitchen equipment, but it can be just as important. Preparation counters and cutting surfaces are essential to any commercial kitchen and can help create a functional schema to your space. Fitting your kitchen with stainless steel countertops will help protect against corrosion, resist attack from food and meat juices, and can withstand hard cleaning products.

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