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The Mad Genius of Pan Liners

Posted by on 2/27/2015

We know why we use Pan Liners in our homes, but we’ve only recently started to extrapolate that, if pan liners are a good idea for small applications, they’re an even better idea for larger applications, such as restaurants.  All the conveniences we love about them at home carry over, in a large and money-saving way, to our restaurant.

Pan liners eliminate labor.  One of the biggest reasons we use them at home is because they help us save time on washing dishes.  Apply that logic to restaurants where someone is being paid to wash dishes, and they suddenly take on a whole new glow.  If pan liners and cooking bags make cleaning dishes after one Thanksgiving turkey, or three sheets of cookies five to ten minutes faster, stretch that concept to include a busy bakery, or a popular restaurant the week before Thanksgiving.  Now we’re talking about hours being saved, and those hours are being paid for at minimum wage or better.  Have you ever had your liner use at home criticized because you were spending money to avoid washing a dish?  Commercial use of pan liners means saving money by avoiding washing a dish.

Pan liners are environmentally friendly.  When you wash dishes, no matter how well they’re scraped, something goes down the drain.  Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) in foods comes from meat, butter, margarine, lard, sauces, salad dressings and dairy products.  When FOG is rinsed down the drain it hardens and can cause sewer lines to clog, leading to backups.  If you cause a sewer backup near your restaurant, guess where it’s likely to overflow?  Calling this unhealthy doesn’t even begin to cover the scope of it.  Pan liners cause FOG to be thrown in the trash .

Lastly, pan liners prevent foods from touching hot metal.  We’ve had cookies that tastied slightly like aluminum sheets.  None of us wants to sell those cookies.  With pan liners, you taste your food, your recipe, and nothing else.  They eliminate cross-contamination because food never touches the pan.  They preserve moisture in foods, something a hot piece of metal simply cannot do, and moisture is a key component in meals having a home-cooked quality, even when they weren’t cooked at home.  Recently, while standing in line waiting for take-out, I heard another customer comment to the cashier, “This is my oven .”  Isn’t that what you want?

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