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How to Wash, Rinse, and Sanitize in a Compartment Sink

Posted by Ben on 4/20/2012
rinse, clean, sanitize

Most restaurants are required to have a commercial sink consisting of three or more compartments to manually clean and sanitize utensils and equipment. But washing smallwares by hand is subject to health and safety standards just like everything else in the food service industry. Here’s a brief overview of how to properly wash, rinse and sanitize in your three-compartment sink:

  1. First be sure to rinse, scrape, or soak all items to rid them of any leftover food residue.
  2. Wash items in the first compartment sink which should be filled with a mixture of hot water that is at least 110°F (43°C) and a detergent solution.
  3. Next rinse items in the second compartment with warm water by either holding the items under the running faucet or filling the sink and dipping the items in and out of the water. If dipping items be sure to change out rinse water regularly.
  4. Then sanitize all items by soaking them in the third compartment which should be filled with hot water and/or a sanitation solution. Follow the time and temperature requirements of the solution you are using and test the concentration of the mixture with a test kit.
  5. Finally set all sanitized items on a clean surface to air dry. Most standards require that you have a drain board on at least one side of your sink for this purpose.

Also remember to clean and sanitize your sink before using it to clean and sanitize your utensils and equipment.

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