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But What About The R&V Works Cajun Fryer?

If you are looking to fry a lot of food for a big crowd, chances are you might want to try a Cajun fryer. If you’re not sure what a Cajun fryer is or if it’s even worth your time to buy, then allow me to explain in further detail.

A Cajun fryer is an outdoor propane frying unit designed for customer safety. The fire burns inside the heating tubes. The oil spillage that occurs comes out of the front of the unit. This way the oil and fire are separated. The baskets are made of long lasting construction, that are nickle plated, and are plastic coated cool to the touch handles. It is still recommended to wear protective gloves even though the plastic coating helps to cool the handles.

For this type of fryer, any type of oil can be used. Most people use vegetable oil. Peanut oil is also a good choice, but some people have severe allergies to peanuts, so it is safer to cook with vegetable oil if you are cooking for a large crowd. The amount of oil varies for each fryer. A decal is usually located on the lid that indicates how much oil is allowed. For a general rule of thumb, you can locate the baskets on the cooking rod and fill the reservoir approximately 3 to 4 wires to the top. Be sure not to allow the oil to overflow. Depending on the amount of oil that the fryer can hold, the time it takes to heat the oil varies considerably; a 2.5 gallon fryer can take anywhere from 12-14 minutes whereas a 17gallon fryer may take 16-18 minutes.

R & V Works has a myriad of Cajun fryers. These fryers have a handle on their basket with a designated color that indicates the quantity of food each fryer holds. For example, the black handle baskets, like the RVWFF1-2, can hold 8-10 catfish filets. The blue handle baskets, like the RVWFF2-6, can hold 12-15 catfish filets. The yellow baskets, like the RVWCOMJ2 2-basket fryer, can hold 25-30 filets.

One of the best things about Cajun fryers is the amount of food they can cook in a short time. These fryers are great for any kind of outdoor gatherings. A 17 gallon fryer can feed up to 150 people per hour.

If you are wondering how to clean these fryers, drain the oil, lay the cooker on its side and house it out or fill the fryer with water and heat, take a flexible spatula or scraper and get under the heating device and scrape it out. Then drain the water. Be sure to spray it down with cooking spray to prevent rusting.

In order to filter the oil, use a drain hose and a fine mesh filter, such as a paint filter, and drain the oil back into a storage container. Hot oil can be drained into a metal oil storage container that is attached to the fryer. If you allow the oil to cool back down to 100ºF, you can put it in a plastic container and store it in a cool, dry location.

350ºF is an ideal temperature for frying most foods. This can be adjusted according to how crispy you want your food. If you are cooking frozen french fries, they can be cooked at a slightly higher temperature.

These are very large fryers. To give you and idea, the 2 ½ gallon fryer is about 56 lbs. and the larger fryers like the 17 gallon can reach up to 225lbs.

We here at J.E.S. Restaurant Equipment have a wide selection of Canjun fryers in stock.

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