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Same Ingredients, Multiple Meal Options

Posted by Rachel Schwartz on 3/27/2020

With so many people staying home to try and slow the spread of coronavirus, cooking at home has become a priority. If you stocked up on a lot of staple ingredients but are now wondering what you can make so that you're not eating the same meal over and over again, we've come up with a few suggestions. For most, the majority of these ingredients will already be on hand and most of the produce can last up to two weeks before it starts to go soft. Specific seasonings may vary. 

The general ingredients are: chicken, beef, onion, potato, cheese, bell pepper, carrots, pasta, rice, celery, broccoli. There may be an additional ingredient or two for specific meal ideas that you can omit or substitute if they are not kept on hand in your household. These meal ideas are suggestions in order to mix up what you already have and do not include all ingredients needed for each recipe (ex. soy sauce or chili powder). 

Beef + potato + carrots = Meat and 2 sides

Chicken + onion + carrots + celery + pasta + broth = Chicken noodle soup

Chicken + onion + peppers + carrots + tortillas = Fajitas

Beef + broccoli + rice = Beef and broccoli

Chicken + broccoli + rice + cheese = Cheesy chicken and broccoli casserole

Chicken + onion + celery + grapes + mayo = Chicken salad

Beef + onion + pepper + carrots + broccoli + rice = Stir fry

Beef + potato + carrots + celery + onion + peas + cheese = Shepherd's pie

Happy cooking!

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