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Scotsman Ice Machines Exceed Energy Star Requirements

Scotsman is an exclusive manufacturer of commercial ice machine units. Recently, they received the 2011 Energy Star Award for Excellence in energy-efficient product design. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star program recognizes excellence in organizations that promote energy-efficient products, homes and buildings.

Scotsman has offered more than 50 Energy Star rated ice machine models. There are currently 25 Scotsman Ice Machines that exceed the current Energy Star efficiency requirements and are rated for the maximum Consortium for Energy Efficiency Tier 3-rated performance criteria. They are also the only manufacturer to have more CEE Tier 3-certified machines than any other leading manufacturer. The Scotsman nugget and flake ice machines use up to 50 percent less water and 15 percent less energy than cube ice machines due to a computer system that maintains a sufficient amount of ice production.

The catalyst for this energy-saving process is the smart-board. All Scotsman units come with an external indicator that is a computerized unit, which displays operational data and diagnostic problems. The smart-board is also an accessory item for all Scotsman ice machines. These boards determine the status of the machine when there has been a malfunction. Further information includes cycle times, cycle counts, run times, flush levels, water temperature and how long a machine has been cleaned. All these functions indicate to the owner specific problems and where such problems are located in the ice machine.

Another thing to mention about all Scotsman commercial ice machine units is that they are compliant with California’s lead law .This law requires no more than .25 percent of lead in wet surfaces of pipes, pipe fittings, plumbing fittings and fixtures as determined by an average weight. In the coming  years, this law will apply to every state, which makes Scotsman an avant-garde manufacturer in energy efficiency.

Scotsman is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of commercial ice machines. They have more than 300 models of ice machines, storage bins, and ice and water dispensers. They have also received the overall best-in-class award from Foodservice Equipment & Supplies magazine. They offer more than 50 energy star rated models. We are a proud distributor of Scotsman ice machines here at J.E.S. Restaurant Equipment.

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