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The 7-Series Ice Dispensers – Commercial Quality For The Home

Posted by on 5/25/2015

Residential kitchen ice has come a long way from the plastic tray that required constant refilling and hours of waiting only to repeat the process 2 days later. But even with the built-in dispensers that have become standard in refrigerators today the consumer demand for a consistent ice supply still rises.

Follett has been more than happy to meet these growing demands with their now popular 7 Series Ice & Water Dispensers , This innovative line is designed to meet any and all demands of the residential kitchen while still maintaining consistent quality and production.

These water and ice dispensers are not only convenient but also sanitary with hands-free operation, eliminating the need for a scoop and preventing cross contamination. Agion® antimicrobial treatment of critical components minimizes the growth of bacteria and biofilm. And for those of you striving to be green, these units have the lowest amount of energy and water consumption when compared to other similarly sized ice makers. All of this while still providing fresh filtered water and ice.

But obviously the major concerns of putting an ice maker into a home is the lack of space or compatibility. Follett has built the 7 family with these issues in mind so that they can be installed into any setting regardless of the layout or available space. The 7 Series is available in a countertop unit , which is only 17.5” tall to easily fit under kitchen cabinets, an undercounter unit an ADA compliant undercounter unit (34” tall), and a free standing unit . No drain is required for any of these models and they can be installed anywhere a water line can be ran.

And to top it all off these units sport a modern design that will coordinate with other kitchen appliances. They are constructed of durable stainless steel with black plastic trim for a stylish look complete with a soft blue LED display. Not to mention they produce the popular Chewblet® ( nugget ) ice so you can get that Sonic style ice without ever leaving your house.

Still not sure if these dispensers are right for you? JES has a variety of other residential and commercial ice machines or you can check out our learning center to find out what best suits your needs.

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