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A Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine Means New Profits

Posted by on 6/29/2015

“I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream” are a few of the lyrics from the song of the same title by Harry Reser’s Six Jumping Jacks, recorded January 14, 1928; but even more than 80 years later the old adage still holds true.  Ice cream lovers young and old prefer soft serve ice cream over the harder hand dipped variety any day of the week and that’s only one reason why you should consider investing in a soft serve ice cream machine.

If you have been considering adding soft serve ice cream to your product offerings you are looking into a high profit market so be prepared to start making larger deposits.  Soft serve ice cream is preferred by more customers, the equipment takes up less space and the ROI (return on investment) is better with soft serve vs. hand dipped.  Let me explain:

1 Gallon of soft serve mix = 144oz. of frozen product

Typical serving is 4oz, so 144/4 = 36 – 4oz. servings

At an average cost of $6.00 per gallon of mix your average

cost per serving is approximately $0.17!  (6/36 = 0.166)

As you can see from the example above even when taking the operating cost of the machine itself (power, labor for cleaning, etc) it is still a very profitable venture.  Soft serve ice cream machines are perfect for restaurants, convenience stores, concession trailers, assisted living facilities and just about anywhere else there are people.  It seems that the love for ice cream comes natural to us, especially during the dog days of summer, so why not make an investment that is sure to bring you big profits.  Soft serve ice cream machines come in a variety of sizes ranging from small single flavor counter-top models to larger floor models capable of producing 3 varieties (2 flavors & twist); they also offer numerous accessories that can be added to help increase profitability.  For instance The Flavor Burst system is a revolutionary add-on that allows you to add a variety of flavors to your soft-serve or yogurt freezer by injecting concentrated flavorings throughout your finished product. The Crunchi-Cream system that provides the only ONE-STEP process to blend CANDY & confections into soft serve CONES! It gently blends ingredients into soft serve or shake as it is dispensed into either a cup or cone with ease, so even a child-size portion is now possible. Unlike conventional methods, blending occurs evenly throughout the product, which naturally just adds to your customers’ satisfaction.  If you have questions or would like prices on any of the products above feel free to contact the friendly and knowledgeable sales staff at J.E.S. Restaurant Equipment , we offer a full product line of  Sani Serv soft serve ice cream machines.

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