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Just The Facts: STAR Brand Charbroilers, Part 1

We here at JES know our Charbroilers and Star is top of the line so when selecting a char-broiler Star makes it easy and has just the right model for you! Whether you need the proven reliability or affordability and performance of the Star-Max line, or need high volume, heavy-duty Ultra-Max line, Star Char-broilers will deliver years of trouble-free operation. Star offers Char-broilers in both gas and electric. Lets start with the Gas char-broiler first…

Ultra-Max Radiant Gas Char-Broiler

  • Heavy-Duty Ultra-Max Radiant Gas Char-Broilers are designed for the most rigorous food service applications. Ultra-Max Char-Broilers deliver maximum performance and provide years of maintenance-free operation.
  • Heavy duty, high strength steel radiant transfers maximum heat to steak, chicken, burgers, fish and other menu items. Their exclusive steel radiants with flavor enhancing grooves deliver more heat than traditional cast iron radiants and will not bend or crack due to thermal shock. Three year warranty on Star’s exclusive steel radiants!
  • 30% more cooking space with our high capacity design to meet all your back-of-the-house broiling needs.
  • Available in 24”, 36”, 48”, 60”, and 72” widths to fit any food service operation’s space requirements.
  • High performance 20,000 BTU straight tubular steel burners every 6” of width provide more heat to cook faster and sear in flavor, better heat distribution , a n d more sectional control.
  • Heavy-Duty cast iron grates can be individually positioned (flat or slanted) to accommodate a variety of broiling needs. Plus, our grates are reversible with a thin side for searing and a thick side for more delicate menu items.
  • Large capacity stainless steel water pan for easy clean up.
  • Stainless steel, 5” high, tapered splash guard maintains cleanliness.
  • Gas convertible in the field with conversion kit supplied with each char-broiler. Units are shipped Natural Gas.
  • Cool to the touch stainless steel bull nose front provides knob protection and comfortable work zone.
  • Heavy-duty 4” adjustable legs to match the height of other Ultra-Max equipment in your line.
  • Floor models available with custom equipment stands.
  • Optional items include 7” extended plate shelf and round steel grates.

Star-Max Radiant Charbroiler (Electric)

  • Star-Max Electric Char-Broilers are designed for the most hard-to-please food service applications while providing years of maintenance free operation.
  • Available in 24” and 36” widths to fit many food service operation’s space requirements.
  • Two types of heat transfer, radiation direct from elements and conduction through the grates, provide even heat distribution for maximum cooking performance.
  • High performance, incolloy sheath type heating elements, 4 on the 24” model and 6 on the 36” model, provide high speed char-broiling to accommodate high volume operations.
  • Infinite control every 12” of cooking surface for precise temperature control.
  • Heavy-duty cast iron grates are removable for fast and easy clean up.
  • Swing-up heating element assembly can be locked in a vertical position for easy and safe cleaning.
  • Removable water pan prevents excessive flair ups for safe operations.
  • Cool to the touch stainless steel bull nose front provides knob protection and a comfortable work zone.
  • Heavy-duty 4” adjustable legs to match the height of other Star-Max equipment in your line.

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