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The Customizable Accessories You Didn't Know You Needed

Finding the perfect pieces to fill your home isn’t always easy. The same can be said about the little things you use on an everyday basis. Do you really like that apron, or do you just use it because it’s there? Does that oven mitt actually do what you need it to or are you using it because it was a gift? How many years have you had that insulated bag you use every weekend for the kids’ soccer games even though you hate how hard it is to clean?

It’s little things like this that, while they may not seem important on the larger scale, can keep you from truly feeling relaxed in your own home. Intedge understands that the devil is in the details and that customizability can be the key to turning a product from something you use to something that you like to use because it fits your needs. Because of this, they strive to help their customers achieve that feeling of hominess by making their products as customizable as possible. From a full range of colors and patterns to choosing zipper or Velcro fastening to being able to add screen-printed or embroidered logos, Intedge allows customers to create the perfect kitchen or food accessory tailor-made to fit their life. Most of their products also proudly carry the label, “Made in the USA.” But don’t just take our word for it, check out some of their products available below:  

That apron you use but have secretly never liked? Replace it with one that you’ll love. In addition to being able to choose whether you want zero, one, two, or three pockets on your apron, you can also decide whether you would prefer a full bib apron or a half-waist one like servers often wear in restaurants. And, because cooking at home is often a family affair, children's bib aprons are also available so that your child can feel like a chef in the kitchen.

That oven mitt your relative got you for Christmas that’s more decorative than practical? Save it for the one time a year they visit and use one of these oven mitts or baker's pads the rest of the time. The oven mitts, available in terry, charcoal, or a variety of colors, can protect up to 450° and come equipped with a handy loop for easy hanging. Made of terry, the baker’s pads are heavy duty and great for handling hot pans. Customizable hot handle skillet holders also add a burst of personality in an unexpected area.

You can even find the perfect tablecloth for that dining table you love despite its odd proportions. Whether it’s round, square, or rectangle, there are several sizes (and colors) available from Intedge with custom sizing available. However, any tablecloth larger than 60” may have a seam. 

And don’t forget about that insulated bag you dread cleaning every weekend but use because it’s the only bag big enough to hold your kids’ team's halftime snacks. Instead of dreading even the thought of the bag, consider investing in one that will still be functional but also easy to clean. Intedge’s insulated food carriers are perfect for commercial use or for simply bringing those snacks to the game or a day at the beach. They’re waterproof and can insulate both hot and cold foods. With zipper or Velcro fastenings, each carrier is made with vinyl for easy cleaning and thick straps for easy carrying.

Stop settling when it comes to the little things in life and start finding the perfect little things to compliment your life.

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