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The History of Therma-Tek

Posted by Eric on 8/2/2018

Therma-Tek Range Corporation might appear to be a new company in the market, but the company’s rich tradition and combined experience spans more than 100 years. The owners are seasoned professionals in the design, development, manufacturing and sales of commercial foodservice cooking equipment.

“The objective of Therma-Tek is to produce HIGH QUALITY at the best prices in the market. Each one of our products carries this rich R&D experience behind them; which sets our brand far ahead of our competition.” – Sam Kelsi

Most blog articles are written by professional bloggers or writers that read information and rewrite it. This is not the type of blog that this will be. I started JES Equipment Sales & Service, service side of JES Restaurant Equipment, in 2000 with only $8,000 and a service truck. A story that I like to share to show people that this company started with hard work which is a foundation that we still build on today. Starting in the service industry of restaurant equipment gave me the chance to analyze how equipment worked and what brands were built similar to others. Throughout the years I have had my hands in repairing, selling and installing everything from can openers to walk-in coolers and freezers.

I have worked on most leading brands of cooking equipment including Vulcan, Imperial and American Range to the topic of this blog Therma-Tek Range. If I were to give you a simple comparison using cars and their pricing to help illustrate what type of unit Therma-Tek is it would be a good hard-working Ford that is priced low enough to not require you to take out a loan but tough enough to get every job done. Therma-Tek units are suitable for your typical “Mom & Pop” restaurants as well as for your smaller chain locations. I have worked on very high-priced equipment that would be comparable to the Mercedes in the auto industry, however many of these pieces did not function as well nor last as long. Sam Kelsi, owner of Therma-Tek Range Corporation, answers every time one of his customers call which is a very refreshing feeling when you are supporting a company. He cares about his reputation, products and most of all his customers. He is always willing to help or at the least put you in touch with someone that can assist. Let’s all face it we can’t do everything all the time but what says the most is those that have enough care not to leave you hanging. Therma-Tek Range products are made in the USA, West Hazelton, PA to be exact. There are a few of the products that are imported, but you won’t be sacrificing the Therma-Tek quality regardless of which model you choose.

Therma-Tek Restaurant Ranges Feature:

  • Stainless steel flash tube assembly with 1 pilot firing 2 front/rear burners. "Less parts to service and fuel savings over the long term will pay for the unit vs. competitor individual pilot per burner models.
  • All pilots, griddles and charbroilers are fed by a Stainless-Steel Flex Tubing instead of the standard Aluminized tubing customarily seen on competitor models. This tubing makes it easier for serviceability whereby a single tube can be sent in the event of a defect. Also, the Stainless-Steel tube eliminates a crimped or leaky tube; which is the number one defect seen at this point of the unit. A leaky unit is a dangerous unit.
  • “L” Shaped Top Grate Support, every 12 inches is integral in providing overall burner structure support, strength and ties the entire top of the unit into one structurally sound unit. Plus, this piece provides added support for heavy pots.
  • Griddle Grease Can with the integral lid minimizes spillage and 3” grease trough helps in keeping a cleaner griddle so there is less cooked food on the surface.
  • The griddle has its own insert box. This maximizes heat retention towards the plate which maximizes efficiency.
  • Char-Rock and Radiant broiler models “with” ovens are the same height as other range configurations in our offering. This is NOT the case with most competitor models. Competitor models are slightly higher in overall cooking surface height when you line the charbroiler top units up with a respective griddle or open burner with oven model. In other words, we have a common profile for all models with ovens INCLUDING broilers with ovens. The benefit of this is you can easily slide heavy pans/pots from one unit to another one without lifting.
  • Front valve panel WIDE OPEN allows for more make-up air resulting in a cleaner more efficient burning flame.
  • Removable open burner crumb tray is supported by two anti-tilt angled tray glides. This allows for the tray to be removed without tilting therefore eliminating spillage of contents within the tray.
  • Stainless Steel Oven Interior Door and Oven Interior Bottom
  • Stainless Steel Angle Iron Back Frame

Therma-Tek may not be the best pick for high volume establishments where the ranges are operating with heavy use more than 12 hours a day. However, for your hometown burger places, smaller chains restaurants, churches and banquet halls you cannot beat the quality of Therma-Tek for the lower price. I am not here to tell you that other brands are not worth your money, but when you put Therma-Tek next to others in the same category it’s the best “bang for your buck”.

I assure you that you will see the difference in the first year of use, just like you would buying the workhorse Ford truck that can take the abuse and keep on working to help you grow every day.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and considering Therma-Tek as your next piece of cooking equipment. Shop JES Restaurant Equipment for the entire Therma-Tek Range cooking equipment line.

Now Ya Cookin’

Eric Smith
JES Restaurant Equipment

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