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The Perfect Wine Fridge for You

There’s nothing quite like unwinding after a long day at work or a long week with a nice glass of wine. But, are you properly storing your wine to get optimal taste? Wine fridges may have seemed like something that only belonged in mansions, but with the variety of styles and sizes available today, they are more accessible than ever. 

To first narrow down the choices in refrigeration units, you must first ask yourself two questions. How many bottles do you like to keep on hand? And how much space do you have for a wine fridge? For collectors of wine, these may be easy questions (lots of bottles, lots of room). For those, who are looking for the maximum bottle capacity possible, the Perlick CC24D-1-4L or CC24W-1-4L is the best choice. Taking advantage of vertical space, these units offer dual or single zones and have an 86 or 94 bottle capacity, with a temperature control range of 40-68 degrees Fahrenheit. With an auto-alarm system that alerts users to abnormal temperatures or an open door, these Perlick wine fridges are not only eco-friendly but also include a tinted glass door that protects your wine from UV exposure.

For those who don’t need quite as much space for bottles, there are several fridge options that can easily fit underneath a counter or bar top. Standing at just over 33” tall, the U Line U-3024ZWCINT-60A wine fridge can hold up to 43 bottles and offers the ability to have independently controlled dual-zones. This wine fridge also offers 4 different modes to choose from according to whether you are storing beverages, sparkling, red, or white wine.

The Marvel MP15WSG4RS is great if you are both tight on space and don’t keep a ton of bottles on hand at once. Only 15 inches wide, this wine fridge can hold up to 24 bottles of wine and boasts both a close door assist system and a vibration neutralization system. A UV resistant door pane protects your wine from harmful light and dynamic cooling technology allows you to control the inside temperature to keep your wine at the perfect temperature.

If the wine fridges mentioned so far still sound like too many bottles and too much space for your wine needs, consider the Summit STC6 wine chiller. This wine fridge only accommodates up to 6 bottles at a time (8 with the alternate top frame) and is perfect for bottles already opened as they are stored upright. This countertop unit is great for holding those larger bottles of wine that can be difficult to store in other wine fridges. Not only does this design offer thermoelectric cooling and a vibration-free operation, but it also is eco-friendly with no ozone-damaging chemicals.

Whatever your wine lifestyle, there’s a wine fridge out there perfect for you.

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