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The Grease Hog by The Andersen Company

The Grease Hog

The features of The Grease Hog are dynamic, they are perfect for use in kitchens to stop oil and grease from being tracked into the dining rooms causing stained floors and slip and fall hazards. The polypropylene fabric is solution dyed and will not fade. Permanently molded bi-level pattern on the carpet surface prevents pile from crushing and provides a anti-slip surface, this mat has a grease proof nitrile rubber backing. The low profile fabric construction ensures easy cleaning and quick drying. Simply use mild detergent and hot water, brush with a deck brush and or spray with water, and hang it out to dry. The low profile reinforced borders ensure the Grease Hog will lay flat and will not crack and break while still allowing carts to cross over the mat easily. The heavy construction of The Grease Hog makes it less likely to “bunch-up” causing a tripping hazard. Unique disk patterns on back of The Grease Hog keeps it in place on hard floor surfaces. Cleated backing is available for carpeted surfaces. The Grease Hog is available in 3×5 and 3×10 sizes in stain hiding color: Coal Black. So give us a Call Toll Free at 866-200-6056 Or visit J.E.S. Restaurant Equipment on our website.

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