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Using Social Media to Promote Your Food Truck

With the mobile food industry growing at a rapid rate it’s more important than ever for owners of these meals on wheels to utilize social media. Social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are some of the most valuable, and initially free marketing tools available to business owners, allowing them to reach out to potential customers and encouraging current customers to return for your products or services. But in order to get the most effective results there are certain steps you need to take to increase your number of “friends” and “followers.”

First you should spend some time creating and developing an informative and creative profile. Your profile or homepage will be the first initial exposure that many potential customers have to your social networking accounts and your business, and a poorly executed impression from a homepage that was thrown-together in minutes will not cut it. Your audience should be able to see what you are offering through a clear and inventive message that will set your company or brand above the rest.

Once you have established a solid profile you need to continually send out regular posts, statuses or “tweets” to keep people interested in your business or product. Its important to keep a good variety in your activity so as not to steer away your audience by giving off a “spammer” feel. Mix in your product offers and promotions in with fun facts and photos that will increase awareness about your business without bombarding users with pushy ad campaigns. Another good way to gain exposure on social networking sites is to branch out to other related discussions, topics or profiles. Be an active user and frequently contribute comments to discussions and fan pages.

Once you have gained an audience focus on customizing your marketing to the individual social media sites and utilize each accounts advantage. For instance, Facebook is great for extending offers and downloadable coupons and codes to customers. Twitter allows you to send real time information to customers so you can constantly keep people updated on where your truck is located and what specials you are offering that day. Pinterest, with an audience primarily consisting of women, get’s the most traffic from recipe posts. You can share pictures of your menu items with special ingredients or tips and tricks on how to make the dish at home.

Once you have established yourself as a known brand among the social media network you want to encourage your followers and fans to spread the word. You can entice followers to do this by offering free gifts, special discounts or even start contests. Offer a meal half off to any customer who shows a tweet or post where they mentioned your business, or give a free meal to the fifteenth or twenty-fifth person to show up at your location that day, the possibilities are endless.

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