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What Every Restaurant Owner Should Know Before Buying Used Equipment

Posted by on 9/9/2015

One of the more costly items to buy when opening a new restaurant is the equipment. Despite drawing a loan, money goes by quickly in the restaurant industry. You are probably going to have to start your own restaurant with a low-budget but thousands of dollars can be spent in a short period of time. Many restaurateurs choose to buy used equipment as an alternative investment when their funds are tight. There are several things you as a restaurateur should be aware of before purchasing used equipment .

A clear advantage of buying used equipment is the start up cash you will save. Used equipment is a good money saver and looking for equipment that you believe is permissible for being used in your restaurant can certainly save you money in the long run.

When buying used, you are getting quality items at a reduced price. Most used equipment is no more than one or two years old. Much like a used car, the mileage on used equipment can be considerably low depending on the usage and the type of equipment being purchased.

Buying used from a restaurant equipment distributor, like JES Restaurant Equipment , is always a positive move. Distributors are only going to sale quality products and if you were to buy your equipment from Joe Schmo down the road, chances are there are going to be a few things Joe forgot to mention about his used equipment. Distributors are typically honest about their used equipment because they are in the industry and will try to only sell quality products in order to gain a good reputation with other customers.

There are various pieces of equipment that are considered permissible to buy as used. Gas ranges and ovens have easily replaceable parts. Gas is always a better option when it comes to used equipment. Electric models are not as well suited for restaurants, because of the long time they take to heat up.

This is not always the case with every piece of equipment. There are several items out there that can be bought as used electric models. These models include ice cream machines , refrigerated merchandiser, and even heated display cases.

Fryers are always a good option for used equipment. Before buying a gas fryer, make sure it is calibrated and make sure you understand how to change the oil.

Restaurant small wares like salt and pepper shakers, centerpiece vases, restaurant dishes, glasses and such can all be purchased second-hand without a problem. The only problem you will face is finding pieces to suit your restaurant décor.

One of the bigger advantages to new equipment is the warranty information. Larger equipment, namely convection ovens or range ovens, come with several years on a parts and labor warranty. Newer models have more energy-efficient machines. The longer a piece of equipment is used, the less energy-efficient it becomes. If the parts are not maintained on a used piece of equipment, then the equipment becomes less efficient overall.

Most used equipment is permissible to have in a closed restaurant setting, but if your kitchen is open then you may want to look at buying new equipment. You as the restaurateur need to be aware of the aesthetics of your restaurant and new equipment will look much more attractive if it is required to be in a restaurant setting.

These are a few drawbacks to used equipment but don’t be so quick to detest it based on those reasons alone. Used restaurant equipment can be just as good of an investment (and sometimes better) than a new piece of equipment. You should keep a few things in mind if you decide to buy used equipment.

Always remember to buy top of the line brands. These top brands will ensure that even if your equipment is used, chances are it will serve you better for years to come based on its quality manufacturing. These include brands like Vulcan , True , Delfield , Garland , Wolf , Blodgett , Star Mfg., and Pitco to name a few.

An alternative to used equipment is slightly blemished equipment. Sometimes manufacturers have a tendency to ding or bang up their own new products and in turn these pieces of equipment are sold at a reduced rate than their normal price. A good example of this would be Globe’s compact manual slicers that are considered slightly used.

We here at J.E.S. Restaurant Equipment carry quality used and new restaurant equipment in our warehouse.

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