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What To Look For When Buying a Walk-in Cooler or Freezer

Posted by on 4/29/2015

If you are starting a restaurant or business, you may think about buying a commercial walk-in cooler or freezer . The purpose of the walk-in cooler or freezer is to keep food and drinks at a cool temperature for commercial use. These units can get rather expensive depending on the size of the walk-in you are needing. Therefore, there are a few things to consider before purchasing a walk-in cooler or freezer.

Understand the needs of your business. How large does your walk-in cooler need to be? This would obviously depend on how much space you have in your commercial kitchen, but it also is determined by how much foods you would need to keep cool in a given time period. Most professionals recommend you plan for 1 cubic foot of space for every 28lbs of food. This will help guide you into a better understanding of what size cooler or freezer you would need.

Consider the amount of traffic your cooler or freezer would see in a given day. This will also help determine the options available to you. Having a ramp will make the loading and unloading much easier. A strip curtain prevents temperature loss and an auto-closer on the door guarantees the door is always closed after use and makes your walk-in more energy efficient and money-saving.

What type of refrigeration do you need? There are various options out there. The remote system, pre-assembled remote system, standard side mount and standard top mount. There are also coolers and freezers with floors or without floors.

Your cooler should meet all legal requirements. EISA (Extended Industry Standard Architecture) was a requirement first implemented in 2009. All walk-in coolers or freezers are required to have an R value of R-25 for coolers and R-32 for freezers. R values are a measurement of thermal resistance that are used in the building and construction industry. You should also be mindful as to whether your walk-ins are both NSF and UL approved.

Make sure you are getting a great walk-in for a good price by understanding the overall construction, insulation, refrigeration system and flooring type.

These are some important steps to take in order to assure that you make the best decision in picking out your walk-in cooler or freezer. We here at J.E.S. Restaurant Equipment sell a variety of walk-in refrigerator and cooler types with various refrigeration systems. We have Free Freight on all of our Master-Bilt walk-in units that meet all the aforementioned standards.

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