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Why Owners Are Choosing to Finance Their Restaurants Through JES

This Deal Has Since Expired.

J.E.S Restaurant Equipment and Time Payment provides a better way to meet needs while expanding your sales . Time Payments financial products were designed to work with new and existing restaurants. It will provide restaurants a way to preserve their cash and give competitive advantage to close new sales with three features that enable them to do this faster.

  • Smart Phone Ready.
  • Online credit decisions
  • Supports a broader range of credits.

It is good to finance restaurant equipment because it helps to maintain a restaurants equipment, staff, licensing, and other fees. Financing is necessary to get your business going or to keep it going. Businesses have to deal with remodeling or hiring another chef. Owners have to seek out a lender that knows your industry. Financing restaurant equipment helps to maintain equipment and seeking out a lender.

Restaurant owners have unique financing needs that require a lender who understands them. These owners are busy running their business, and don’t have time to be bogged down with excess paperwork and red tape. A lender who specializes in restaurant equipment financing understands that your time is valuable and getting your loan processed and approved. It’s difficult to get loans for small and medium size businesses. Banks can turn you down for many reasons, such as lack of collateral, bad credit, and so on. Owners want a lender that will work with them and meet their financial needs.

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