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5 of the Largest Restaurants in The World

Posted by JES Team on 5/27/2021
5 of the Largest Restaurants in The World

The biggest restaurant in the world may surprise you. And, if you’re located in North America it’s quite a bit of a journey to get there. However, if there’s one thing that everyone can seem to agree on it’s that there’s nothing better than a great meal. If you’re a major foodie and love to travel, it makes sense to add the largest restaurant in the world to your list of coveted destinations. If you can’t make it all the way to the Mediterranean Sea to dine at #1 (more on precisely where you’ll have to go in a moment), we have a few more spots that you should be sure to add to your itinerary.

Here’s our ultimate list of the top 5 biggest restaurants in the world.

1) The Bawabet Dimashq Restaurant in Damascus, Syria

Complete with more than 6,000 seats, the Guinness Book of World Records confirms that the Bawabet Dimashq Restaurant (otherwise known as the Damascus Gate Restaurant) is the largest restaurant in the world. It spans more than 215,000 square feet, has indoor and outdoor seating, and has been in business since 2002. Inside you’ll find an array of waterfalls, faux archeological sites, and food offerings from five major global cuisines including Indian, Chinese, Arabic, Persian, and Syrian. 

2) The Royal Dragon Restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand

More famously known as The Royal Dragon Restaurant, Mang Gorn Luang held the record as the world’s biggest restaurant until 2004. The restaurant site covers more than 8 acres of land, seats more than 5,000 guests, and features more than 1,000 menu items to choose from. Not only do menu offerings include Thai food, Chinese, and Japanese cuisine, but there are also a wide variety of Western dishes available as well, and their famous Dim Sum buffet offered daily.

3) Zehnder’s in Frakenmuth, Michigan, United States

If you’re in the mood for steak, seafood, fresh pastries and desserts, or an all-you-can-eat chicken dinner, Zehnder’s in the state of Michigan is for you. The perfect destination for diners who are looking to indulge in one of the world’s biggest restaurants but can’t make the international journey, this joint features 1,500 seats. Part of a larger resort that includes a waterpark and splash village, indoor marketplace, and one of the region’s top golf courses, it’s an all-season destination for the entire family.

4) The Varsity Downtown in Atlanta, Georgia, United States

When you’re in the mood for food that’s fast and casual, absolutely delicious, and comes with a hint of retro style, The Varsity Downtown in Atlanta, Georgia is the spot to stop. It’s an old-fashioned drive-in restaurant that has parking available for approximately 600 cars. Additionally, it has indoor seating that can accommodate another 800 guests. Located right next door to the Georgia Tech campus, the menu includes late-night classics such as burgers, hot dogs, fries, shakes, and more.

5) La Felicità in Paris, France

While it may not be the largest restaurant in the world, La Felicità is the biggest restaurant in Europe, which we think counts for something. Though it’s located in France, it features an expansive Italian menu, complete with classic pizzas, pasta, cocktails, and dessert all in a market-style setting. Additionally, you’ll find site-seer favorites like indoor train cars, lush indoor gardens, and modern art installations.

These are a few of the biggest restaurants in the world, and we hope that if you’re an adventurous foodie like us that you’ll add a few of the locations to your bucket list. Whether you’re into classic American cuisine, Asian food, or some delicious Italian, there’s a spot on the list for everyone. Plus, as they say, “When in Rome…” so if you find yourself in a new corner of the globe and one of the world’s largest restaurants is nearby it may be fun to try the local menu and expand your palate. In our opinion, when it comes to trying new food you really can’t go wrong, and from the looks of it, all of these sprawling locations offer quite a bit to take in from a cultural and aesthetic point of view as well as the delicious eats they have to offer.

Here at JES Restaurant Equipment, we’re proud to serve eateries and foodservice organizations all across the United States. From local family-owned dine-ins to concession stands, food trucks, and even the healthcare foodservice industry, we provide restaurants with the products they need to serve each and every customer in a way that’s safe, efficient, and most importantly enjoyable. From silverware and dispensers to menu covers, kitchen ranges, ice machines, and so much more, you’ll find everything right here. Contact us today for more information regarding how we can meet all of your restaurant equipment needs. Call (866) 200-6056 now.

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