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Countertop Supplies - Demand for Convenience & Cost-Savings

Posted by JES Team on 4/2/2021
Countertop Supplies - Demand for Convenience & Cost-Savings

Prepare and serve enticing menu selections with ease and efficiency with our latest countertop supplies. 

Our top quality kitchen equipment is value priced and designed to improve the level of performance at your restaurant to enhance the customer experience.

A countertop eco jar display, filled with fruit alongside a photo of yogurt topped with fruit.

Dispense Easily & Organize Logically

Delight your customers with orderly and easily accessible meal enhancements, such as condiments, dressings, and toppings. Countertop Dispensers and Organizers will improve customer service and help facilitate your reopening efforts.

The SE-3 Server Express is an ideal stainless steel countertop dispenser for condiments and dressings. The unit’s three express pumps dispense from (3) 1-1/2 gallon pouches. It is perfectly designed to dispense 1 oz. portions which can be reduced to 1/4 oz. increments. The SE-3 is a top pick among restaurant staff and value priced at $587!

Present your toppings, fresh fruit, or other selections in an organized and clean fashion with a $99 Cal-Mil 1474-15 Eco Jar Display. 

The compact, 3-tier design saves counter space, while also providing customers with nine different options for toppings. The silver steel frame and glass jars will give your front-of-house counters a modern feel. 

A Compact Frusheez Beverage Machine and elegant juice dispenser alongside a photo of a smoothie in a jar.

Perfect Beverage Dispensers

Whether you operate a casual corner cafe, high-end boutique restaurant, or customer service station in a lobby, our Beverage Dispenser selection has something for everyone. Pursue our value priced offerings of: Cold Beverage Dispensers, Frozen Beverage Dispensers, and Juice Dispensers. 

Cal-Mil 1132-3-13 Beverage Dispenser has the ability to blend into and subtly enhance any environment. With chic metallic bases, an internal ice chamber, and a 3 gallon holding capacity, these are optimal units for cold juices and fruit-infused water (value priced at $314). 

Beat the summer heat for $1,991 with the Gold Medal 1414 Compact Frusheez Beverage Machine. With two 1.5 gallon bowls, bell shaped spill protectors, and energy conserving technology, this is a must-have for any establishment serving frozen beverages!

A Bunn Dual Brewer and a Coffee urn alongside a photo of a latte being poured into a mug.

Serve Coffee and Tea with Confidence 

Browse our selection of Coffee and Tea Equipment to find large, small, inexpensive, and deluxe versions of everything need for dependable beverage service from morning to night.

Rule the rush with an ever-reliable satellite coffee system. The Bunn Dual Brewer with portable servers is a favorite choice for fast beverage service (value priced at $1,992).

  • Serves 18.9 piping hot gallons of coffee an hour
  • Features a stainless steel funnel
  • Upper hot water faucet

Elevate your self-serve coffee station with a Hamilton Beach elegant Coffee Urn. For only $112, this attractive stainless steel unit can serve 60 cups of coffee, keeps a warm heater, and maintains coffee at an optimal temperature for better-tasting brews. 

A Teppan-Yaki countertop griddle and a small food warmer alongside a photo of a bowl of soup.

Deliver Warm & Delicious Dishes

Never be caught off guard during peak hours! Have your food prep ready with our range of food warmers and cookers, display warmers, holding bins, heated shelves, heat lamps and more.

Imperial ITY-24 is an effective Teppan-Yaki Countertop Griddle that will always deliver. The manual controls, 24” surface, and center hot spot give it the capability to cook and prep multiple foods at the same time. The removable grease tray and stainless steel material make it easy to deep clean this quality product (value priced at $2,577). 

A kitchen in need of a quality and durable water bath warmer should consider the Server Products 8200 Small Food Warmer. At $240, the 1-1/2 quart interior bowl is surrounded by a temperature-sensing thermostat and wrap-around heating element. The petite frame is perfect for optimizing kitchen surfaces and still administers 250 Watts of power. 

A Fruit & vegetable dicer and tomato slicer displayed alongside a photo of a salad topped with freshly cut vegetables.

Don’t Forget your Fruits and Vegetables

Food and Vegetable Prep Equipment allows your staff to save time without sacrificing accurate and quality portioning. 

Nemco 57500-3 Fruit & Vegetable Dicer has interchangeable blade assemblies and push blocks, which enable customization. The weighted handle, stainless steel blade, cast aluminum construction, and tall base all work to make this unit a comprehensive fruit & vegetable dicer (value priced at $278). 

Serving burgers or salads? Nemco 55600-2 Tomato Slicer will help you expedite the process! Showcasing many safety features and efficiency measures, this $242 slicer with a polyethylene slide board is essential for high volume kitchens. 

A bowl of salsa alongside two images of food processors, the right one is a combination food processor.

Food Processors with Proven Success

Streamline your restaurant’s back-of-house operation with cutting-edge Food Processors. 

Waring WFP11SW Food Processor, with the LiquiLock Seal System, ensures that your surfaces remain spotless while prepping foods. Serve meals expediently by using this champion food processor with a vertical chute feed design (value priced at $455)!

Create smoothies, salsas, or ground meat dishes using the Robot Coupe R101 Combination Food Processor. This $849 food processor features pulse and vegetable prep functions and five unique blade discs, allowing it to accomplish a multitude of tasks with excellence. 

A Star Sandwich Grill and a Cadco panini grill on display alongside a photo of a perfectly grilled sandwich.

Serve Sandwiches in Style 

Craft perfectly grilled sandwiches using our Panini & Sandwich Grills with smooth, grooved, or combination heat plates. 

When preparing paninis, you cannot go wrong with the Cadco CPG-10. This handy clamshell panini grill comes with a glass cooking surface that drastically cuts down on cook time and makes clean-up a breeze. This $810 model comes with a ribbed top and a smooth bottom cooking surface, giving your panini the iconic grill marks.

Invite innovation into your kitchen with the Star PST7 Sandwich Grill. Cook multiple sandwiches simultaneously on the 7.5" W x 14.2"D smooth aluminum cooking surface. This must-have gadget is value priced at $1,617!

Wrapping it Up

Thank you for reading and your continued loyalty to JES our team of experts is available to assist you with selecting the right equipment and supplies for your unique needs.

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