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Equipment Every Healthcare Facility Should Have

Posted by Rachel Schwartz on 3/25/2020

Having the proper equipment to care for patients and provide the best level of care possible is important for any healthcare, pharmaceutical, pathology, or other medical healthcare facility within the industry. While having enough masks, gloves, and gowns is paramount for hospitals and other healthcare facilities at this time, having enough other, properly functioning equipment is equally as important. 

For facilities that provide meals and room service, Syracuse China products quality porcelain dinnerware that have microban technology integrated into the material. This technology offers a 24/7 antimicrobial protection, effective against a broad range of bacteria and supports a 99.9% cleaner surface. Cambro's rectangular room service trays come in a variety of colors and are dishwasher safe. Available in cases of 12, some of these trays are also non-skid and eco-safe. Cambro's meal tray carts offer facilities an easy way to deliver meals to patients or transport meals from one area within the building to another while keeping the food warm. These carts area available as single, double, or triple door units and can hold anywhere from 16 trays to 30 trays at a time, depending on the size of the cart. 

Ice and water dispensers are useful in any public-serving industry but are especially useful in a healthcare facility. Scotsman and Hoshizaki both make ice machines that produce ice and water to maximize space. This ice and water dispenser from Scotsman is a touch free model that can store up to 12lbs of nugget-style ice and is energy efficient. Hoshizaki makes this countertop ice and water dispenser which is push button activated and has a 95lb built-in storage capacity for ice. 

Having space to store samples, vials, and other items that require refrigeration or frozen storage is another important area of equipment for healthcare facilities. Test results and patients samples often need to be kept at consistent, cool temperatures which is why manufacturers like Summit and Continental Refrigerator have refrigerators and freezers specifically designed for medical purposes. This medical refrigerator from Summit, for example, features a digital thermostat, probe hole, and separate alarms for open door, temperature, and power failure. Continental Refrigerator's extra wide freezer is constructed with stainless steel, maintains a -15°F temperature, and has an electric condensate evaporator. 

For more on our healthcare foodservice equipment, please visit our dedicated healthcare equipment page

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