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What You Need for a Big Breakfast Spread

Who doesn’t love a big breakfast spread with all the fixings? Especially on a beautiful weekend morning when the start of the day doesn’t have to be as hectic as the rest of the week. Depending on what you like to eat, the options are endless: poached eggs and toast, eggs with bacon or sausage, omelets, pancakes, waffles, crepes…the list could go on and on. But there’s one thing that all these breakfast possibilities have in common—you need the right equipment to make them! 

If a simple breakfast of poached eggs and toast sounds good to you, consider this 3-egg nonstick poacher that sits easily in a pan or skillet. Dishwasher safe, this poacher quickly and easily poaches your eggs to perfection for you. If you prefer your eggs in omelet form, try this omelet pan that does the hard work for you. And don’t scrimp on the toast. This toaster from Waring has extra wide slots with an extra high lift lever and pull out crumb tray so that retrieving your Texas toast is easy and clean-up is a piece of cake. 

Prefer your eggs scrambled or sunny-side up with a side of bacon or sausage? Consider a cast-iron griddle like this square one from Lodge. A 12 in. square, it will accommodate both your eggs and your meat so that the entire meal is hot and ready at the same time. If you have a crowd to cook for, this countertop buffet griddle is perfect for preparing a lot of food in a short amount of time. With a removeable backsplash and grease tray, you won’t need to worry about burning yourself in the process. 

Pancakes become a mess-free breeze to make thanks to this batter dispenser. Great for all sorts of batter recipes, this dispenser is especially good for breakfast as it allows for mixing and dispensing with one tool which makes clean-up afterwards much easier. It’s also BPA-free. If you prefer waffles over pancakes, branch out and try making Belgian waffles over regular ones. This Belgian waffle baker makes the transition easy as it comes with a mechanical timer and thermostat control. Its nonstick grids also mean that you should end up with perfect waffles every time. Regardless of whether you prefer pancakes or waffles though, neither is complete without syrup! And nothing makes a homemade meal feel luxurious like warm syrup. This syrup warmer can hold up to a gallon of syrup and has a no drop faucet that prevents a sticky mess from being made at the table. 

Finally, don’t let your hard work and preparation go to waste by letting the food get cold or a stray fly to gather while you’re waiting on everyone else to arrive at the table. Use a clear cover to keep your feast warm and protected until you are ready to eat. 

Who’s ready for breakfast this weekend?

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