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Eggplant Parmesan

Posted by on 5/17/2018
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The Simple Berry Smoothie

Posted by Jeremy Baker on 1/27/2016

As a teenager I was that type of finicky eater who'd eat heaps of his own mother's cooking but who could hardly look at a morsel of somebody else's without shuddering. When my friends and I would go out to Taco Bell or McDonald's or someplace, I'd skip on the food and just order a soda. A teenager who doesn't eat McDonald's! — can you even imagine?

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Chef Phil Shows Us How to Make a Funnel Cake at Home

Posted by on 10/17/2015

We’ve been begging him, so Chef Phil finally taught us how to make funnel cake at home. We hope you enjoy!

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Chef Phil Gives His Take On The Holland Grill

Posted by on 6/9/2015

A wise man once told me,”it’s what you learn when you think you know it all that counts”. I never professed to knowing it all, but when it came to grilling food over an open flame I knew I could hold my own. It was only after a recent visit from Chad our representative for the Holland Grill Company , that led me to believe otherwise. He opened my eyes to a brand new concept in char-broiling, while opening my taste buds to some of the most succulent meats I’ve ever had on an outdoor grill.

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